Televindu Plus

Give all institutions in your care home group the opportunity to upload, watch and share videos with each other!

Upload your own videos for your residents​

Give everyone living in your care homes the opportunity to experience life around your neighbourhoods!

  • Upload activities and trips at your care homes
  • Upload videos from church services, local events, and concerts.
  • Bring your ideas to life, only your imagination sets the limit for what you can show with video.

The local community is often what matters most for us

Film and share video on Televindu!

Videos from your local surroundings are meaningful and including. By filming you invite everyone on a digital experience from the local community.

3 tips to make a good video

  1. Film! The videos will not film themselves
  2. Make it simple for yourself by for example using your mobile
  3. Film one thing at a time and avoid using effects and other distracting elements

Inspiration to what you can film

  • The local musician
  • Local landmarks
  • Annual happenings
  • Local activities
  • Church services
  • The local craftsman or fisherman
  • Construction projects and roadwork in your municipality
  • Only your imagination sets the limit!

Share playlists across your care home group

Share playlists across your care home group
Televindu Plus brings you the opportunity to distribute videos through playlists across your care home group.

Adjust visibility of videos and playlists:

  • Visible for your whole group
  • For specific care homes
  • For specific departments in care homes

Get started together with a dedicated consultant:​

Together with a Televindu consultant you are all set up from day one. Your care home group and all of your care homes will get Televindu Plus users. Together we will set specific user roles to match your needs.

Group User Roles:​

System administrator​

System moderator​



Institution User roles:​

System moderator



Televindu Plus for multiple purposes

Televindu Plus makes it possible for you to create your own video-learning portal for your caregivers.

  • Share video courses with colleagues
  • Share updates and inspirational video material for learning purposes

Access to
video-content from day one!

  • Get access to more than 250 tailored videos for people with dementia.
  • The videos are produced by Televindu and categorized by level of stimuli in cooperation with dementia experts

Follow your national guidelines on care quality

Our mission is to improve the quality of life by opening a window to the world for people living in care homes.

Sensory stimulation is proven to have a positive effect on the quality of life. Tools such as Televindu may contribute to providing meaningful activities to your residents, and uphold a good rating for quality care (such as the CQC rating in the UK).

Involve your caregivers in an effective and caring video tool that sparks memories and conversations. Contact us today.


Televindu Plus

For care home groups

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